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Successful kick-off workshop of the project "ProPolis" in Dortmund

On January 28, 2020, the kick-off workshop in the ProPolis project took place in Dortmund. ProPolis is implemented in the BMBF funding measure Urban Climate under Change [UC]². Organised by the Social Research Centre (sfs), Central Scientific Institute of the TU Dortmund University, the first work results were achieved in a workshop with participants from all 13 partner municipalities, project partners and representatives from the joint projects MOSAIK-2 and 3DO + M.


On January 28, 2020, the Social Research Centre held the kick-off workshop for the joint project ProPolis in Dortmund. In addition to the MOSAIK-2 and 3DO + M projects, ProPolis is part of the BMBF funding measure Urban Climate in Change [UC] ² and involves 13 municipal partners. The goal of ProPolis is to develop the necessary basics for the operation of the new urban climate model PALM-4U and to test the model's suitability for practical use.

The ProPolis kick-off workshop was therefore designed as the first joint working meeting with all municipal partners. During the first part of the workshop, the main purpose was to provide information, including a presentation of the ProPolis project and reports from MOSAIK-2 (responsible for model development) and 3DO + M (responsible for model evaluation). The second part of the workshop was characterized by an active involvement of the municipal partners. In active participation formats, the ProPolis consortium consisting of GERICS, Fraunhofer IBP, Geo-Net, Difu and the Social Research Centre, together with the practical partners, co-developed topics for further project work.

The workshop showed that the municipalities are very motivated to give greater weight to municipal climate issues through application of the new urban climate model PALM-4U and that networking and learning from each other is of great interest.

Current information on the project is available here.

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Rick Hölsgens
Saskia Dankwart-Kammoun