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Social art as an educational principle: Intensive training for the development of strategic project goals and exchange of methods

After the kick-off of the new project ArtE - The Art of Employability as the successor project of JobAct Europe had already taken place in Witten in November 2019, the international project team met again for an initial training.

ArtE – The Art of Employability_Training_Witten_Projektfabrik

What will the next two project years be like? How can we, in our European network, work concretely on successfully reaching our project goals? And what can we learn from each other? These key questions were the focus of the 5-day international intensive training from 2nd to 6th of March at the location of our project partner, the Projektfabrik in Witten. The goal of ArtE, to spread social art as an educational principle further in Europe in order to counteract youth unemployment in the Mediterranean region, always hovered over us as a guiding principle. In order to achieve this goal, the partner organizations Vivaio per l'Intrapendenza and Patchanka Societá Cooperativa Sociale first conveyed their transfer methods, with the help of which they have already successfully adapted the JobAct method in Italy.

Subsequently, under the guidance of the partner organizations Stone Soup from Lisbon, Portugal, and UpSocial from Barcelona, Spain, strategies for the evaluation and dissemination of the project contents and results were jointly developed. The sfs, which is responsible for the scientific monitoring of the project, provided theoretical input and helped to keep the project's framework concept in mind. In order not to neglect the arts, to experience the method by ourselves, and to encourage all participants to achieve a maximum of creative performance, the training was, as usual in our everyday project life, loosened up by practical theatre methods and exercises. At the end of the training, the project partners agreed: Social art will continue to conquer Europe further in the next two years!

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