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SIKE workshops on the topic of social start-ups

As part of the SIKE project, two online workshops on the topic of social start-ups took place on the 12th and 14th of January 2021, organised by Sabrina Janz and Adrian Götting from the sfs with their project partner Social Impact Berlin and in cooperation with Jens Koller from the Innovation-Lab Bochum.


The target group of the events was primarily students interested in starting a business, who were provided with information on the topic of social entrepreneurship by inputs from Franka Blumrich and Florian Birk from Social Impact Berlin and a contribution from Prof. Dr. Roland Schöttler from the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Rhineland Westphalia-Lippe in Bochum. In the next part of the event, the social start-ups HeimBridge and Movimientos Autenticos and the artist Miriam Smidt (http://miriamsmidt.com/) presented their founding paths. Participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the start-ups and ask questions in breakout sessions.

The second event "From the idea to the social start-up" was about the practical (further) development of ideas. The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Transfer (CET), the Worldfactory of the Ruhr University Bochum, Social Impact Berlin and the start-up consultancy for people with disabilities "enterability" presented various methods such as Design Thinking and Problem Tree.