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European Horizon 2020 Launch for Socio-economic Sciences & Humanities (SSH) in Athens (26th / 27th of February 2014)

TU Dortmund University – sfs was invited to host and moderate Session C “Making sense of Social Innovation!” within the international conference and brokerage event “Achieving Impact – Socio-economic Sciences & Humanities (SSH) in HORIZON 2020” at the 26th and 27th of February 2014. Main objective of this event was to show the impact of SSH, especially referring to Social Innovation.

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The director of sfs Jürgen Howaldt gave an introduction to the new innovation paradigm and the increasing importance of Social Innovation by highlighting its crucial role within the Europe 2020 Strategy and the new funding scheme “Horizon 2020” as well under the perspective of producing impact, for solving societal challenges. Antonius Schröder presented together with Veit Echterhoff from ThyssenKruppSteel a show case of cooperation between industry and academia on the background of the activities of the European Steel Technology Platform ESTEP concerning workplace innovation (workers participation, green skills development).

These approaches of showing the impact and “making sense” of Social Innovation were further discussed in a “world café” and a brokerage event with the participants. Within the Brokerage Session concerning Social Innovation Jürgen Howaldt hosted the HORIZON 2020 call “Social Innovation Community” and Antonius Schröder the call “Understanding and Supporting Business Model Innovation”. Different scenarios and approaches for elaborating these topics were discussed under the perspective of preparing proposals and achieving impact.


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