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HORIZON 2020: Launch Event in the Mediterranean Region in Cairo (9th of February 2014)

The European Commission invited Antonius Schröder to present the SI-DRIVE project of the TU Dortmund University – sfs at the Launch Conference of Horizon 2020 in the Mediterranean region.

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The conference discussed the future of international cooperation in Research and Innovation in the EuroMed region under HORIZON 2020. International cooperation, especially with its neighbouring countries and the Mediterranean region including North-Africa and Near-East states, is a key priority of EU research and innovation funding. On this background a poster show of SI-DRIVE took place in the parallel session “Inclusive societies and science in/for society”. As a panelist within this session Antonius Schröder pointed out the concept of social innovation as an enabler of promoting untapped opportunities towards inclusive societies. Therefore the different stakeholders (researchers, policy makers, industry etc.) present at the conference should have a closer look at the new innovation paradigm of Social Innovation, cooperating and networking beyond existing barriers and competition. Social Innovation should be implemented as a new way of innovation: A social innovation process creating new practices and measures to overcome societal challenges. The Mediterranean Region should use this concept to create new cooperation possibilities and projects, integrating their specific perspective into the main topics of HORIZON 2020, esp. inclusive societies.


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