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News archive: 2016

MAKE-IT-Meeting in Vienna


21.12.2016 – The research of Maker communities across Europe and the new dynamic structures and chances of this young, constructive and dynamic movement were focussed at a workshop in Austria. Janosch Sbeih and Marthe Zirngiebl from the Social Research Centre Dortmund discussed thereby the Maker Movement’s societal impact potential and became Makers for two hours.


sfs researchers present the project I-LINC at Online Educa Berlin


06.12.2016 – A great milestone for I-LINC: The national conference in Germany was hosted on 1st December within the Online Educa Berlin and brought valuable feedback from stakeholders in the field of ICT based learning.


German-Russian delegation at sfs Dortmund


05.12.2016 – On November 15, 2016, Social Research Centre sfs received a group of young professionals from both countries as part of the 46th Young Leader Seminar of the German-Russian Forum.


Presentation of I-LINC-Surveys at the EAPRIL Conference 2016 in Porto


29.11.2016 – Jens Maylandt presented research results from the I-Linc project to the participants of the EAPRIL conference in Porto (November/22-25/ 2016). Presented and discussed were the results of a desk research on an online survey, covering the actors in the fields of “digital skills”, “youth employment” and “entrepreneurship”.


Social innovation as the driving force behind the development of cities


16.11.2016 – Dmitri Domanski spoke upon the invitation of the Social Innovation Acceleration in Cities (SIAC) network about social innovation ecosystems on local level. At the meeting in Innsbruck on 27-28 October 2016 the discussion was all about the importance of social innovation for cities.


TU Dortmund University – sfs participated in an edited volume on social innovation in Latin America


08.11.2016 – Dmitri Domanski is one of the editors of this volume, which was recently published in Colombia. Over 350 pages offer space for exploring social innovation in Latin America from a wide range of perspectives, with experts from academia, governmental institutions and civil society making an important contribution to a better understanding of this topic.


sfs at social innovation events in Colombia


08.11.2016 – The attendant at several events and productive discussions in Latin America, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt, presented research results at the “SIX Global Summer School” in Bogotá. Dmitri Domanski gave a workshop on concepts and methodologies in Pereira.


German-Brazilian Workshop: Social Innovation and its Research


19.10.2016 – Social innovation relates to complex problems and to astonishing and dynamic solutions in such areas as health, social care, education or environment. The research object of Social innovation was discussed at a workshop in Brazil. Prof. Jürgen Howaldt, Director of the TU Dortmund’s sfs (Social Research Centre) attended together with a group of Brazilian researchers at the German-Brazilian Workshop on Social Innovation and its Research in Rio de Janeiro. Several presentations from this workshop could now be downloaded.


Discussion about Social Innovations and Industry 4.0 in Brazil


19.10.2016 – Following the invitation by the German House of Science and Innovation in São Paulo (DWIH-SP) Prof. Jürgen Howaldt participated at an Innovation Seminar about the challenges of the concept of “Industry 4.0” for Germany and Brazil in the country with the largest population and the largest territory of all South American states. Furthermore Prof. Jürgen Howaldt – together with colleagues from Brazil – attended a German-Brazilian Workshop on Social Innovation and its Research.


Dr. Bastian Pelka presents at Telecentre Europe Annual Conference in Ghent


11.10.2016 – SFS researcher Dr. Bastian Pelka was invited by the “Telecentre Europe Annual Conference” to present findings on platforms and communities in the field of digital inclusion, youth entrepreneurship and digital skills. His presentation is an outcome of the platform development project I-LINC.


Presentation of I-Linc at the 9th EDEN Researchworkshop by Jens Maylandt


11.10.2016 – The activities of the I-Linc project, executed by the social researche center (sfs) of TU Dortmund, Telecentre Europe, European Schoolnet and Telefonica, were presented to the audience of the 9th EDEN Researchworkshop by Jens Maylandt (sfs), member of the I-Linc team. In the spotlight of his presentation stood the platform www.I-Linc.eu, which addresses all stakeholders acting in the fields of digital skills, youth employment and entrepreneurship.


Video of "Get Online Week Dortmund 2016" published


11.10.2016 – A bigger amount of participation and inclusion: These are the goals of the European project "Get Online Week", where media skills were brought to a large group of people with highly different backgrounds. In a short video with English subtitles there are now impressions from this practical work of digital inclusion during the "Get Online Week" in Dortmund visible.


Registration for the conference "Public Engagement for Research, Practice and Policy" in Brussels


04.10.2016 – The registration for the High-level Policy Conference "Public Engagement for Research, Practice and Policy", taking place on 16th to the 17th of November in Brussels, is now open.


160 Participants Join Public Launch Event of Social Innovation Community (SIC)


28.09.2016 – SIC is a Horizon 2020 project run by a consortium of 12 leading organizations in social innovation across Europe, including TU Dortmund University. It was officially launched on September 26/27 in Brussels and has attracted 160 participants from policy, research, civil society, and business.


Presentation of I-Linc at the 9th EDEN Research Workshop in Oldenburg by Jens Maylandt


28.09.2016 – The activities of the I-LINC project, executed by the social research center (sfs) of TU Dortmund, Telecentre Europe, European Schoolnet and Telefonica, will be presented to the audience of the 9th EDEN Researchworkshop (5th and 6th October, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg) by Jens Maylandt (sfs), member of the I-LINC team.


Working on urban problems at Social Innovation Summer School


27.09.2016 – 40 participants worked on solutions to societal challenges at the Summer School on “Urban Social Innovation” in Tilburg on September 20-23. It was organized by the Social Innovation Community project (SIC) and co-hosted by TU Dortmund University / Sozialforschungsstelle.


Congress “Innovation for Society”


27.09.2016 – How does interaction between human beings change if there is change in the economic environment, and what kind of consequences does Industry 4.0 have on life of individuals? This is only one of the many topics of social innovation. To bring together the different topical areas and actors research scientists hosted a two-day congress in Berlin on September 20th and 21st 2016 which was opened with a speech by the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Prof Johanna Wanka.


MAKE-IT research discussed at Innovative Citizen Festival in Dortmund


20.09.2016 – sfs-researcher Dr. Bastian Pelka introduced findings from the “MAKE-IT” project at Dortmund’s “Innovative citizen” festival. Within his input he described the broad variety of different types of maker spaces through Europe as identified in MAKE-IT ‘s case studies and contributed to a scenario for the use of open workshops in Germany in 2030.


SIC meets SI-DRIVE: Breakout Session on Social Innovation Research


13.09.2016 – Recent developments in social innovation research were discussed at the breakout session during the meeting of the Steering Committee of the project SI-DRIVE in Dortmund. Ten international experts took actively part in the event, which was conducted by Dmitri Domanski and Christoph Kaletka from TU Dortmund University - sfs.


"KoSI-Lab" project kick-off


13.09.2016 – Urban social innovation labs for sustainable development and demographic change: The transdisciplinary project “KoSI-Lab” has started.


The “Social Innovation Community” website is online now!


12.09.2016 – Since September the website of the EU project Social Innovation Community (SIC) is online. This new web portal functions as a network of existing projects in the field of Social Innovation and creates attention for various projects and research activities.


sfs at the S4C Conference


06.09.2016 – The international project “Strategy for Change” organized the conference “Social Innovation Training in Higher Education”, which took place in Dublin from 31 August to 1 September 2016. It was attended by representatives of different societal sectors, above all from European Universities and NGOs.


Social innovation initiatives for a more inclusive society

Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2016) in Toronto

05.09.2016 – The empirical results of a global mapping of 1.005 social innovation initiatives have been one key topic of the „Technology for Inclusion and Participation (TIP)“ session, organized by the homonymous research cluster of TU Dortmund University at the Human-Computer-Interaction Conference (HCI 2016) in Toronto.


Award for researchers from Sozialforschungsstelle and Technical University Dortmund


30.08.2016 – Junior Professor Ingo Bosse (Faculty of Rehabilitation Science) and Dr. Bastian Pelka (Social Research Centre) were awarded a price by German Ministry of Education and Research for their project proposal “SELFMADE – photonic technologies for people with disabilities”. Both researchers are members of the Cluster Technology for Inclusion and Participation (TIP). With the 100,000 EUR funding, they will create an inclusive maker space in Dortmund and design a checklist for inclusive maker spaces.


SIC Summer School “Urban Social Innovation”

Logo Summer School

03.08.2016 – The project “Social Innovation Community” (SIC), in collaboration with the European Social Innovation Week 2016, invites to its first Summer School which will take place in Tilburg on 20-23 September 2016.


New SI-DRIVE Report provides the first comprehensive examination of the relationship between social Innovation and social change


21.07.2016 – While the "Critical Literature Review" focused on theoretical insights from development and innovation studies for a comprehensive concept of social innovation, the succeeding SI-DRIVE report "Social Innovation and its Relationship to social Change - Report 2: Verifying existing social theories in reference to social innovation and its relationship to social change" examines the relationship between social innovation and social change.


sfs talk by Prof. Maria Garrido from Washington University: Coding Bootcamps - a strategy for youth employment in developing countries


20.07.2016 – On Monday June 20th, sfs hosted a research conversation on coding bootcamps and their potential to advance employability outcomes for young people in less developed countries led by Maria Garrido, the current foreign visiting researcher here at the Center. Maria presented the findings of a recently published study funded by the United Nations International Communications Union that maps the emergence of this form of training in middle and low-income countries and identifies the primary coding bootcamp models in operation and how they could contribute to the employment path for youth in these socio-economic settings.


sfs talk by Prof. Maria Garrido from Washington University: Advancing Massive Open Online Courses for Development Initiative (AMDI)


20.07.2016 – An examination of MOOC usage for professional workforce development outcomes in Colombia, the Philippines, and South Africa.
The potential of online learning has long afforded the hope of providing quality education to anyone, anywhere in the world. The recent development of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) heralded an exciting new break through by providing free academic instruction and professional skills development from the world’s leading universities to anyone with the sufficient resources to access the internet. Against this backdrop, Maria Garrido, a visiting foreign researcher at SFS, discussed during this research conversation the findings of her most recent study on MOOC usage by young people in Colombia, the Philippines and South Africa.


Registration now open for Congress "Innovations for Society – New Pathways and Methods for Social Innovations to Take Effect" / 20th and 21st of September 2016, Berlin


05.07.2016 – You can now register for the conference that will take place


Save the Date: Congress "Innovations for Society – New Pathways and Methods for Social Innovations to Take Effect" / 20th and 21st of September 2016, Berlin


20.06.2016 – This congress brings together the diversified landscape of initiatives and communities of social innovation in Germany. The event is pursuing different interlinked goals: It opens the discussion on the potential of social innovations for solving major societal challenges in different fields of action. Additionally, opportunities and priorities of support by the German Ministry of Education and Research will be discussed. Finally, the congress will serve as a platform to connect researchers and practitioners.


2nd MAKE-IT Meeting in Copenhagen


20.06.2016 – sfs researchers present case study results and discuss “technology radar”


TU Dortmund University at international innovation research conference Eu-SPRI in Sweden


14.06.2016 – From 7 to 10 June 2016, the Eu-SPRI Conference 2016 took place in Lund, Sweden. Scientists from different world regions participated at the conference under the topic "Exploring new avenues for Innovation and Research Policies".


Chilean delegation of university rectors at TU Dortmund University


31.05.2016 – Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt and Dmitri Domanski held a lecture on social innovation.


TU Dortmund University – sfs at social innovations events in Chile


09.05.2016 – Representatives of different societal sectors showed great interest in the first empirical results of the international research project SI-DRIVE.


Global Mapping of Social Innovations


12.04.2016 – In 2015, SI-Drive undertook a large-scale global desk research and mapping of social innovation. The work, which is on-going, is focused around the seven policy fields of education and lifelong learning, employment, environment and climate change, transport and mobility, health and social care, poverty reduction and sustainable development. The global mapping of social innovation with 1.005 cases as result was completed in autumn 2015. This will be followed up in 2016 with at least seventy case studies selected from the sample that take the work to greater depth through interviews, field work and observation.


SI-Drive policy briefs published


12.04.2016 – By the end of 2015, SI-Drive published seven policy briefs. The policy briefs are based on the seven Policy Field Reports as well as the seven Policy and Foresight Workshops, which were implemented in the course of 2015. They appraise the state of social innovation in the seven policy fields and look at current and future challenges and opportunities.


Codemob: Partners Meeting in Amsterdam


10.03.2016 – The project CODEMOB „Teaching coding and mobile devices in telecentres“ aims on strengthening digital competences of young, unemployed people through non-formal education and training. Jennifer Eckhardt and Mona Markmann represented the sfs during the first face-to-face meeting the of project partners from five European countries.


3rd I-LINC Meeting in Brussels


10.03.2016 – sfs researchers present workpackage results


SIMPACT: Report about "contexts" of social innovation published


26.02.2016 – In the course of the SIMPACT project the report "D4.2 Criteria & Recommendations to Strengthen SI" has now been published. SFS authors Dr Bastian Pelka and Mona Markmann are therein introducing a model describing the framework conditions for social innovations. The report results in a questionnaire enabling social innovators to explore the framework conditions of "their" innovation in order to determine hindering and stimulating factors.


SIMPACT project discusses toolbox for social innovations


23.02.2016 – SFS-researchers Dr. Bastian Pelka and Mona Markmann contributed to a project meeting working on a toolbox to support and sustain social innovations.


New publication on the impacts of social innovation


11.02.2016 – The anthology "La transformation sociale par l'innovation sociale" (en: "Social transformation through social innovation") edited by Juan-Luis Klein, director of the Center for Research on Social Innovations (CRISES) and his colleagues, is now available.


New project "MAKE-IT" aims at understanding maker communities


20.01.2016 – With a kick off meeting in Den Haag the newly established consortium of the H2020 project "Make-IT" set its working pace for analysing maker communities in the EU. Sfs researcher Dr. Bastian Pelka introduced an approach to evaluate the societal impact of the maker movement.


"ESIR" – New Journal on Social Innovation Launching


05.01.2016 – Looking for articles and reflections on social innovation? Or a journal to publish your own paper? The European Social Innovation Review (ESIR) is an interdisciplinary European Journal on social innovation knowledge and practices, launched 2016.